The book: Sure She Can



Fear of being found out.

Do you ever feel as if you are pretending to be bigger or better than you really are? That everyone has expectations of you that you may not be able to live up to? That you are afraid of being found out, while you do know that, actually, that is not correct? Or is there absolutely nothing wrong with your confidence, and yet… sometimes there is that little voice inside your head that makes you doubt.
That is what this book is about. The Impostor Syndrome.



When Vreneli Stadelmaier started to coach women, she discovered a theme in many of the coaching sessions: the insecurity of women, the impostor syndrome. She discovered that this insecurity could well be the reason for the lack of progression of women to the top. She decided to investigate this and subsequently, to write a book about it. This book, written in Dutch, was called F*ck die Onzekerheid and appeared in October, 2014. This resulted in a flood of publicity and requests for appearances. Meanwhile, the 7th revised edition of this successful book has been published and the English version, Sure She Can, is published in May, 2016.


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