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The biggest barrier that women encounter when realizing their dreams is their own insecurity. Rationally, talented women know that they are capable and suitable. And yet, they fear that they will be found out. They feel as if they are actually fooling everyone and it will turn out they are not capable. That feeling takes them by surprise, it comes over them – an unjust fear of exposure. They don’t know how to deal with that lack of confidence. As a consequence, they set the bar very high for themselves, or very low. They develop barriers to success.

In the United States, this insecurity is known as Impostor Syndrome or Confidence Gap. Our own research among approximately 600 highly-educated Dutch women shows that about 65 percent of them are hindered by their own insecurity during their careers. 

I have written a book about it

The last few years, I have studied the impostor syndrome closely.

Research, many books, and hundreds of highly-educated women from my practice form the basis of ‘Sure She Can. Crush This Insecurity’. I will tell you everything about it on this website. I hope you will take advantage of it.

“Like a Sheryl Sandberg bestseller, as it were, but practical and concise.”
Wilma Kieskamp

Trouw, major Dutch newspaper

“Took great pleasure in reading your book. It’s certainly recognize. I will pass it on to my extremely clever and fun daughters-in-law!”
Gerdi Verbeet

Former speaker of the Dutch House of Representatives

“A book I wish every woman should have!”
Rita Harmsen, MSc, hospital change manager


Sure She Can

Many people, including those who are successful professionally and socially, suffer from the imposter syndrome: the fear of being found out. They believe that they fall short in camparison with others. They attribute the cause of their success or external factors, as opposed to their own power, their knowledge, and skills.

Boss of your brain

These irrational thoughts have a paralyzing effect and stand in the way success and happiness. This often proves to be a significant barrier in case of new challenges, conflicts, and job applications. Rationally, we do know that we are capable, but still we remain insecure, in particular at important moments. As a result of it we set the bar very high, or very low.

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Sure She Can

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